November 1998- March 2013

I had been looking for a puppy and had all but given up. In October, or early November of  1998 my son-in-law’s grandmother found a black lab in the desert. My daughter kept telling her grandma that the lab was pregnant. Grandma kept saying “no she isn’t”. Well Momma Dog (as they named her) had 10 puppies. Grandma found good homes for all of the puppies and took Momma Dog to a Lab Rescue. I went to grandma’s house to see the puppies and this little black ball of fur climbed up in my lap and went sound asleep. I worked it out with my daughter to give this little girl to me for Christmas- that way my husband couldn’t say NO! Christmas day my grandson gave grandpa  a Christmas stocking with dog toys, and I got my little bundle of black fur. Doug said, “What is this?”, and told me to take her back, he was not happy. I kept calling her Little Missy.  Doug kept growling every time I walked by loving on my little dog. The following morning I had decided to name her Missy and as I walked into the living room to tell Doug what I had decided to name her, he told me “Her name is Missy”!  All of a sudden he fell madly in love with her.  In the Christmas stocking there was a hot pink crab with a squeaker that was Missy’s favorite toy. That toy was always getting put in the grandkids toy box. Missy would always stare at it until someone told her it was ok to get it. She loved that toy until Freeway (our other dog)  chewed it up.  Missy absolutely loved riding in the car and running in the desert. Her favorite place became the spot behind the driver. When she was younger I took her for a ride in the back of the truck “there was a camper and carpet kit” Missy decided that she needed to poop. I never did tell Doug that story.  She was a good camper and she loved getting in the motor home to go camping and would wait patiently by the door as we loaded all of the camping equipment. When we would let her, she would just sit in the motor home or the car. It didn’t have to be running, she just wanted to sit in it.  Missy was always quiet and she loved car trips, walks in the evening, and just laying around the house. She would show a burglar where we kept the silver if given the chance.  Missy was getting old and unsteady on her feet.  Her poor old body just couldn’t take anymore. I had her from 6 weeks old until last Thursday March 14th 2013 when she went to sleep for the last time and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.