Chucky was a little Terrier that was found near Sonic in Tehachapi.

He was a typical Terrier in that he loved to dig to China, run for no reason and tease the other dogs with his toys! Chucky was slated to make some family a wonderful pet; he would have been great with children. I can see kids laughing at his antics. Chuck never met a stuffed toy he couldn’t destroy in 5 minutes; he would proudly carry around headless and armless toys for the others dogs to see. At 2-3 years young, Chucky had a long life ahead of him but an irresponsible pet owner took away that chance by losing him or dumping him. Somewhere along the way he got into something that hurt him internally and while he tried to fight it with daily meds, his little body just gave up this morning.
Chucky cannot have died for no reason; his death has to stand for something and I think that if Chucky could talk, he’d say be kind and responsible to my feline and canine friends. Treat them with the love they deserve. And please, get them fixed!