Who:  Have a Heart Humane Society

What: A little 5 year old girl has been playing Cupid for Have a Heart Humane Society by selling See’s candy in front of various stores in Tehachapi. So far, she has sold more than $500 worth of candy to help abandoned, injured and homeless pets in Tehachapi. 

Tomorrow, Saturday, she will meet one of the pets her fundraising is helping, Blu.


Two pets were found on the side of Woodford-Tehachapi Road, one dead, the other, a cat, paralyzed from the hips down.

Gina Christopher, Have a Heart’s Vice President, took the cat to the vet, then into her home. No bones were broken but it appears there was nerve damage. At this point, the cat can only scoot and can’t use a litter box, so diapers are being used. 

We posted this cat’s plight on Facebook and a couple with a terminally ill cat of their own have come forward to adopt Blu and give him a furever home.

Our little cupid will be on hand to meet Blu and his new family. Have a Heart will be presenting this little sweetie with a Have a Heart Medal and a Certificate for her good works.

When: Saturday, February 13, 2016 – 10 am.

Where: 1121 W. Valley Blvd. Ste. B, Tehachapi (next to Radio Shack)