Sharon (Sherrie) Cornelison was raised in a military family who traveled extensively throughout the U.S.A.  She was raised to love and care for her animals and to treat them as members of the family.  Her parents felt that the kids had enough to deal with leaving friends and changing schools so would not give up their animals due to a move.  The animals were the friends you took with you if at all possible.

She started out helping with T.H.S. when it started in 1993, but when they closed their dog program H.H.H. was willing to take the dogs still left in T.H.S. foster homes so Sherrie moved with the dogs to Have a Heart Humane to continue fostering.  She states, “I am really enjoying working with Chelley and the other volunteers.  Chelley is truly a person ‘for the animals’ and I love being helpful where I can.”