A Facebook plea for donations went out to Have a Heart Humane Society followers for pets in the Lake Isabella fire area. All day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Tehachapi pet lovers dropped off dog and cat food, pet beds, goat and chicken food, pet toys, cat litter boxes and so much more at the Radio Shack. The pile got bigger and bigger.

Have a Heart volunteers went into their barn storage of donated items and pulled out large and small traveling carriers, wire cages, exercise pens. Naomi West, a Have a Heart volunteer who drives for Hall Ambulance, helped clean everything. “We knew washing facilities didn’t exist and we wanted everything to be ready to use,” said Chelley Kitzmiller, Have a Heart’s Founder/President. “Some people donated cash, which will be given to the Lake Isabella Shelter. We also took hundreds of pounds of cat litter, dog bowls, leashes, collars and dog shampoo out of the Rescued Treasures store.”

Ronda Voda, a Have a Heart volunteer, and her daughter and son filled their 4-horse trainer with all the donations and left for the Lake Isabella shelter at 7 am Wednesday the 29th to make the delivery.

“I am very proud of my hard-working, compassionate volunteers,” said Kitzmiller. “We have a great team and we appreciate the generosity of the general public.”

Kitzmiller wants Tehachapi residents to know that in the event that Tehachapi has a fire, we still have a good supply of food, cat litter, crates, wire cages and other pet supplies, which would be made available to displaced pets. In addition, the Rescued Treasures resale store and the Have a Heart adoption would be available to take in a limited number of small dogs and cats for a short time until pet owners can make arrangements.