Brodie – Our Mascot

Brodie’s story starts with a desperate phone call from a distraught young woman who was being forced to give her blind dog up (Brodie was born without eyes). She was going through a divorce, had to move into an apartment and the managers said no to dogs. The husband was keeping their other dogs with him, but for some reason didn’t like Brodie, so he refused to keep him. It was either Have A Heart or the shelter for Brodie–the woman was out of options.  My husband and I picked Brodie up Sunday, Dec. 2 and brought him back to Tehachapi. He was a little confused at first, but quickly figured out who the alpha dogs were and made friends with them. By the middle of the week Brodie was one of the gang and I was in love! Thursday I got a call from a woman named Letty, who had heard about Brodie and wanted to meet him. She came over and fell head or heels in love with him. She took home an application, returned it and then on Sunday Dec. 8, I took Brodie to her home where he met her husband, her three children and her dog, Coco. After a home inspection, I left Brodie for a trial visit and cried all the way home! Thursday I got the call that they wanted to adopt him. Saturday, Dec. 15 Letty signed the papers and Brodie became a much loved member of their family.  This is why we nutty rescue people do what we do. This is what makes all the not so pleasant stuff worthwhile. Brodie is a dog I will never forget. He stole my heart but he filled it too.

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