Oscar - Our Original Beloved Mascot

Oscar – Our Beloved Mascot

Oscar was orphaned at a very young age and learned to live on to streets. After getting in with the wrong crowd, the little Yorkie was picked up by the dog catcher in Bakersfield, CA. He was a pitiful looking sight with his hair long, dirty and tangled, and he hadn’t bathed in weeks. Let’s face it, he smelled. In his deepest despair, alone and cold in the kennel cell, a miracle happened. He was rescued by Chelley and Ted Kitzmiller and given a new home in Tehachapi, CA with 7 other rescued canine brothers and sisters and 6 rescued feline cousins. With his new start in life, he was able to shine and through his celebrity, help other animals in need. Oscar crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015 and now he helps other pets cross over so that they too feel safe and loved.