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Educational Grants

Have a Heart Humane Society is pleased to report that we have been spending our $12,000 in educational grant funds in some very creative ways that are benefiting Tehachapi’s children and pets. We began working on the grant by contacting the charter and public schools and asking them if they would like to have a presentation from CALM (California Living Museum). Most of them said yes and were excited.

The CALM ambassadors brought five animals to each presentation and talked to the kids in length about each animal and also about being kind and respectful of wildlife. A Have a Heart presenter spoke to the children about dogs and cats, about the importance of a dog wearing an identification tag, being micro-chipped and being altered. The age of the group determined the content of the talk. 

Some of the schools required more than one presentation due to space limitations. So far Have a Heart, through Build-A-Bear Foundation’s grant, has funded CALM presentations (approx. $200 each) to the following schools: Hope, Valley Oaks, Carden School, Golden Hills Elementary, Jacobsen and Cummings Valley Elementary.

The next project on this grant is the Stallion Springs 4H Dog Club’s Emergency Preparedness Clinic, which will  have guests from Kern County Fire Department and Kern County Animal Control. The kids will demonstrate how to put together a pet emergency kit and have posters demonstrating emergency help for a pet.

And finally, we will be wrapping up the project with the production of 5 three minute dog education videos, filmed, edited and produced by two high school kids. Rosemary Evans of Thunder Paws Dog Training will be putting together the presentations in her dog training facility. These videos will serve Tehachapi’s kids for years to come.

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Zeke’s Story

I was away for the weekend in an RV park when I saw on Facebook that a bunch of little dogs had been dumped in an equipment yard near my home. I put out a plea on Facebook and called a few of my volunteers to come to the dogs’ rescue. A couple of hours later all 7 dogs had been captured, a momma dog and her six 10 month old puppies. I dubbed them “The Magnificent 7”. Zeke was one of those throw-away dogs. None of the dogs had been socialized, so after several months of lots of people working with them, they were sent one by one to puppy training school and agility classes. Zeke charmed his trainer, Rosemary Evans, who owns Thunder Paws Dog Training in Tehachapi, and she ended up adopting him. As you can see in the video, that little 9 pound throw-away is on his way be being an agility star. What everybody loves about Zeke is that he’s a showman. He likes to ham it up when he’s doing agility to catch the audiences’ attention. Zeke the throw-away has found a forever home.